Jun 28, 2011


Getting myself back to school! SM Sains Machang was my secondary school in which Tuesday was our English day and we did have a song but I can't remember the lyrics (I guess most schools do have). Everybody must speak in English even though we never abided by the rule. Hee... But only after I left the school I realized how important to be good in English. I'm not saying our mother tongue is not, but for us to compete with others we need some X-factors including language skills. The more languages we know the better we'll be especially when we start working. Ok that's not what I wanna share in this entry.

Personally I love languages so much. I learned English (just like anyone else, and still learning) and French when I was in forms 1-4. I did well in French (woahh cocky huh? hihih..) but that was ages ago, never practiced it in real life so I have forgotten almost eveything I learned. MySpace So sad but I really wish I'll have time to learn languages especially French and Cantonese in the future.

Oh well the main thing I wanted to say was that Tuesday is gonna be BumbleBee's English Day! Every Tuesday I'll post entries in English (if I were to) and I'll try my best to avoid any errors. It's gonna be hard but I'll take it as a challenge to improve my English and any comments and corrections will be highly appreciated! MySpace If possible, the comments shall also be in English, fair enough right? MySpace  Oh just take it positively, together we improve our English!MySpace  

Ok I sounded too serious, did I? MySpace That's why I only use English in something more formal, like when I'm pissed off !?? Yes that's formal to me. MySpace  Ok bye. MySpace  

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