Nov 16, 2011

C'est la vie!

Alhamdulillah syukur sangat after more than 3 weeks, I finally heard from him. Walaupun dapat chat kejaaaap je it meant a lot to me. Only God knows how much I miss him & I'm thankful that he's doing well. Can't wait to talk to him, there's so much I wanna tell him.

Ok itu part gembira. Part sedihnya pulak lagi sehari je nak meninggalkan rumahku syurgaku. This Friday I'll be heading to Senawang & maybe Saturday or Sunday I'll be in Johor Bharu untuk memulakan praktikal selama setahun. Duhh hopefully it will treat us well as Melaka did. I really wish we can do it in Melaka tapi apa boleh buat.

Only few days left tapi rumah sewa belum ada. I can't imagine how it's gonna be on the first week. I really hope the house is good & not too far away from the hospital where we're gonna have our practical. The most important thing is to ensure that we don't have problems getting to the hospital on the first day.

Seriously there's too much on my mind. I'm worried about the house, the practical, the surrounding, the people etc. I keep praying that everything will be good & easy.

After a 1-month-plus break babysitting my nephews, Adam & Aryan, I'm sure I'll be missing them so much that I wish we'll have breaks like we used to. Hwaaaa seriously I hate the new life I'll be going thru..!! I can imagine how bad it will be. We'll be in the hospital the whole day & come home late evening & go to bed very early & wake up early morning & spend the whole tiring day in the hospital again bla bla bla.. Oh what a boring life!

Well, c'est la vie! That's life, baby! Get up & be strong! We're gonna have fun!

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Myez.. said...

Life is part of Ibadah..
IKHLAS.. InsyaALLAH everything wil b ok..


hye...salam kenal..i follow..jom singgah blog saya..kita kenal2

Mohd Kamil said...

comel nyer bdak ni... nk berkenalan bole? haha.. gurau je!

Addin-Lee said...

comelnya baby tu :) mcm awk jugak . aha

LifeIsDreams said... bru follow ur blog..n if u dont mind, pliss follow mine.blh share cerita :)

chekpid said...

very sweet heroes :)

Wani Sakri said...

tq.. br dpt bkak blog setelah sekian lame.. fuh~