Jun 2, 2012

Great time in Johor! At last & at least =)

AMARAN! Entry ini agak panjang & mengandungi banyak gambar. Read & scroll at your own risk. ;p

Salam & hola! After few months of mental & physical torture, we finally had a chance to set ourselves free! It was actually a Family Day organized by the Pharmacy Department. Family Day tu dibuat di Damai Beach Resort, Desaru. Walaupun ada few issues sebelum pegi, we didn't really care as long as we had great time together yeahh~!!

We stayed at the resort for 2D1N. RM150 per room per night. Affordable but there were issues like; air-cond tak berfungsi, takde air dalam bathroom/toilet & ada titisan air dari atas. That's what I heard from others. Our room alhamdulillah takde masalah except for air-cond yg ambik masa lama sket utk sejuk but in the end, we were freezing at night. Hihi... The best part of our stay was the view from the room.

View from the balcony of our room.
Abaikan kualiti gambar, raw from henpon.
In this photo: My girlfriend =)
Malam tu ada dinner. OMG dinner, what's on your mind? Yeah that's what on ours as well but.... we ended up laughing at each other. LOL. Stupid us & I'm not gonna put the photos up here. Embarrassing. That's why people said, "Lower your expectation to limit your disappointment". ;p

Now it's time for piccas! The most important part of our getaways that captured the sweet memories we shared so the memories will remain as our friendship does, insyaAllah.

The best shot of all. Sunrise. Without editing ok. Raw, unedited pics combined. That's all.
Subhanallah awesome!

The next day (Sunday, 27 May) we were brought to Kota Johor Lama Museum. Macam lawatan sambil belajar masa sekolah dulu pun ada. Hihi.. It's a nice place though & yg paling best dapat jolok jambu (jambu wangi katanya). Rare & delicious! Thanks abang guard. ;p

Next ktorg ke Kota Tinggi Waterfalls. We were first told that we had to pay RM5, ok whatever. We just love that kinda place. Tapi bila sampai, it wasn't RM5 but RM7.50! ????? RM7.50 per person + RM3 per car. Ridiculous. Since dah masuk waktu Zuhur, ktorg decided utk solat dulu. Terkejut dgn keadaan surau yg tak terjaga, kena sapu dulu daun kt dalam surau & ada 2-3 je telekung + 1 kain yg sangat kotor. Ktorg pulak lupa ambik telekung dlm kereta. Apa agaknya diorg buat dgn duit yg orang awam bayar tu ek??

After dah masuk area waterfalls tu, we were quite surprised to see 2 slides a.k.a gelungsur air mcm kt taman tema air. Okla tapi tempat tu kecik. I still think that RM7.50/person is unreasonable. Plus another charge for float rental. Makanan kt dalam tu pun sangat mahal, okla that's normal. I wasn't satisfied sebab tempat tu kecik & ramai orang, nak mandi pun tak selesa so I really think it's not worth paying. Papepun we were happy that we were there, walaupun mungkin yg pertama & terakhir kali. =P

After the great time, I had bad headache. So balik, after solat Asar terus pengsan sampai Maghrib. Alhamdulillah the headache went away.

Looking forward to having more of this next time! Great escape~! ;)

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