Oct 18, 2011



One word for today - SICK! As you know, 'sick' may refer to a few different meanings but here I am referring to 2 of them; 1 is feeling unwell and 2 is getting bored with something. 

Oh gosh if only you have the disease called hay fever or allergic rhinitis (scientific name) - also called resdung in Malay - you'll know how it makes you suffer. I'd say it is killing me inside, I have runny nose almost every day and it is totally different from the normal runny nose. It is watery and hurts so much that I feel like sleeping the whole day. And now I've had itchy eyes and nose for like 1 week. If you feel cold is uncomfortable, this 'unusual' runny nose is far more than that and it is disappointing to realize that nothing much you can do. 

A few months ago I've started on Cetirizine (anti-histamine). It is useful to temporarily stop the symptoms but it only lasts for 1 day and the symptoms may come again the next day. Annoying enough? I've actually tried quite a few alternatives including traditional treatment but none of them worked on me. However I feel so grateful to have a caring father, who never gives up to find a cure. For the time being, I'll just continue with Cetirizine and I've just asked Papa to stock up.

Ok the 2nd 'sick' is that I'm getting bored with FB! *lol* I'm mad at myself for being stuck with that crap. And now I'm restraining myself from opening it. If you see the green 'light' which indicates that I'm online, it may only be for the chat as I use the wonderful Nimbuzz application. Look for yourself if you wanna know more. ;p I'll only open it when necessary especially when there's a notification on the FB Extension that requires my attention. Hehe I wish I'll really do it. =.=

Ok now I'm feeling so sick that I need to go to sleep wishing for a healthier me tomorrow. Aamiiiin...

*Forgive me Allah when I whine. Despite the discomfort and pain I'm suffering, I'm thankful for this minor test. Give me the strength so that I'll never whine again. Forgive me Allah...

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