Aug 9, 2011

30 Hari Mencari Cinta #9 | Oh wow!

Sahur -
Berbuka Nasi putih + Ayam masak merah + Cauliflower + Carrot + Sirap bandung

Tuesday is our English day! Lalala~ Still remember the song? For those who are still in school, they may be bored of this song but once you leave the school, the song will definitely become one of the sweet memories ever happened in your life. 

Oh by the way I actually have nothing to share today. Got classes in the morning & afternoon till 7 pm, so we started cooking earlier, around 5 pm & continued after class. Alhamdulillah we made it on time & successfully fill our craving tummies. ;p

And tonight we need to work hard to finish a business report (we are pharmacy students by the way, not business) & do some revisions since we're gonna have 2 tests tomorrow oh wow! Ok peeps caucincau~

2 otobots membebel:

Edy Zaidi said...

class till 7pm?pergghh...penat tu

amir aizat said...

dah lme xsekolah kann,haha